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Here is the public list of PIPATL members:

Name (click to email)) CV Bio Biblio Website Photo

Andrew Mooring Aldridge

Oren Asman

David Benjamin

Edward G. Bernstine

Archie Brodsky

Harold J. Bursztajn

Michael Lamport Commons

Lisa Cosgrove

Darlene Crone-Todd

Frank Dattilio

Eric Drogin

Lino Faccini

Brian Falls

Thomas G. Gutheil

Chiara Haller

Omar Haque

Steven Hassan

Mark J. Hauser

Bernice Kelly

David Kudan

Danielle Kushner

Steven J. Laken

Juan LaLlave

Elizabeth L. Leonard

Donald J. Meyer

Patrice Marie Miller

Stanley Morse

Lisa Najavits

Donna M. Norris

Marilyn Price

Barry H. Roth

Donald Sherak

Richard Sobel

Graham Spruiell

Lisa St. Angelo

Larry H. Strasburger

Gen Tanaka

Myra (Mitzi) White

Gary Zalkin










The Program in Psychiatry and The Law meets Wednesday mornings at 11:00 AM in Room 340 3rd floor of the new Mass Mental Health Center at 75 Fenwood Road. Left from the elevator and all the way down the hall.

Check our meetings page regularly to find out about our upcoming meetings.

Our file library includes copies of the Amicus Briefs to which we have contributed: Althaus v. Cohen (PA) and Citizens for Health v. Thompson (Third Circuit).

 Wednesday, September 6, 2017
First meeting of the new academic year = Wednesday, September 6th
 Sunday, February 23, 2014
PIPATL Meeting Location:
Room 340 on the 3rd floor of Mass. Mental Health Center, 75 Fenwood Rd. Left from the elevator and all the way down the hall. The room has a communications center that allows more than one person to call in at a time!!

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